Internal Audit

Your risk adviser

Senior management’s need for timely and reliable business intelligence has never been so acute whether worldwide or in the Middle East. The ripple effects of financial scandals that destroyed global brands overnight mean that business leaders have to divert time from executing their strategy to the tactical defense of their corporate governance. Investors, analysts and regulators are applying pressure on executives over poor business performance and questionable decisions, while they have to deal with more competitive markets, less loyal customers and increased demands for on-line access to products and services.

Management must therefore be in control of all aspects of the organization’s operations – from finance and accounting, health and safety, environmental impact, IT, customer relationship management and dealings with suppliers. They need to be able to quickly spot areas of potential risk and deal with them before they arise. It’s a tall order – but a professionally-run, vigorous internal audit function cannot only identify the risks, but it can also uncover previously hidden opportunities that can make organizations more successful.

We can help you establish an internal audit function, or extend the scope of your existing team so that it contributes much more to shareholder value. At H.H.H. CPA, we have professionals ready to fill in the gaps when you need us, and we can benchmark your internal audit function and suggest improvements. Whatever the needs of your organization, we can develop a customized value proposition to meet them.

Our services include:

  • Outsourcing or co- sourcing
  • IA Capacity building
  • Internal audit projects
  • IT internal audit
  • Risk assessment
  • Quality assessment review
  • Regulatory effectiveness testing
  • Resourcing or loaned staff
  • Contract risk and compliance