Business Planning & Valuations

Valuation is a controversial and complex subject, requiring an in-depth understanding of key business dynamics and underlying value drivers. Our clients turn to us seeking robust business valuation advice which will stand-up to scrutiny. Drawing upon the experience which our professionals have amassed, what we provide is independent expert judgment, underpinned by deep industry knowledge.

We have extensive experience of valuing shares, businesses, tangible and intangible assets in a variety of commercial and contentious contexts. Our commercial perspective is supported by technical rigor, in addition to the insights and experience gained from performing numerous major assignments within the Middle East region.

Scenarios in which we can support you include:

  • M&A and investment analysis
  • Litigation, arbitration, expert determination and disputes
  • Reorganization, turnaround and recapitalization
  • Tax, financial and regulatory reporting
  • Intellectual property and intangible assets